Snapchat Statistics

With Instagram doing everything in their power to kill Snapchats momentum, this stat could change in the future. At the moment, however, Snapchat is the second most used social network in the U.S. Convince & Convert

Social media and millennial women

Pinterest and Facebook have been known as the top social media destinations for women. Among millennials, however, Instagram is #1. Media Post

instagram marketing facts2

Instagram seems to be emerging as the top social media channel for products and services. With an astonishing 68% of users engaging with brands (on purpose), Instagram isn’t a social media channel for businesses to ignore. Hootsuite

facebook marketing stats

You may have known that Facebook was a powerful social media platform, but did you know it influences 52% of online and offline sells? With this information, it’s hard not to incorporate Facebook into your overall marketing strategy. Dream Grow

Twitter for News

Most users who are active on Twitter are looking for news and information. It’s probably best for brands to find ways to educate Twittlers by sharing trends, latest news, and informative content about industries they follow. American Press Institute

Google Search Stats

When searching for products or services online, consumers are opened to any brand that can appeal to them.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to get in front of potential customers using SEO and search advertising. Think with Google

social media sharing

Social Media is a great place to develop and nourish relationships. If users have a good experience with your brand on social media, chances are the will refer you to their friends. Dream Grow


Instagram Shop Now buttons are most effective

“Learn more” buttons may be the casual approach to getting consumers to enter into your buying funnel, but “shop now” buttons prove to convert at a higher rate on Instagram. Depending on your type of business, “learn more” buttons may still be the most effective in the long-term.  Instagram Business

Shopping 18 percent higher on Sundays

Consumer data is one of the best ways for businesses to optimize their marketing campaigns. Data will give you market insight to know when to promote, how to promote, and where to deliver your message. However, this is only one data point of many for brands to consider. Think with Google

YouTube ROI higher than TV

With a decrease in TV viewership and 44% increase in YouTube engagement, online video is rapidly outgrowing traditional media. Online ads have been more efficient at targeting groups and individuals using  programmatic advertising and other media buying practices. In addition, YouTube ROI is almost 6x higher than buying traditional TV ads. Think with Google

67% of women like promoted posts

Facebook has made promoted posts less intrusive than traditional online advertising. People actually like learning about products and services that are relevant, oppose to being disrupted by ads that interrupt their online activities. Media Post

Snapchat has more users than twitter, linkedin, and pinterest

The only social networks with more users than Snapchat is Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, Snapchat has higher engagement per user than Instagram. Convince & Convert

Instagram Usage stats

Instagram has become one of the best platforms for brands to advertise their products and services. 60% of Instagrammers find new brands on Instagram, and 75% take action. Instagram Business

TV ads and search stats

Smartphones are with us everywhere we go. And while consumers are watching TV they are using their hand-held devices. Even if businesses advertise on television, it will serve them well to be mobile ready as well. Think with Google

71% of consumers trust search more than associates

It’s no secret that consumers are turning to search and social media for information about brands they are considering. This is one of the reasons social media marketing is important, so when people do search for you, they find positive information about your brand. Think with Google

90% of Adults spend two workdays on Facebook

The average user spends 20 mins per session on Facebook and 40 mins a day. 90% of adults use the platform between 15-18 hours a month. With Facebook being larger than China and five accounts created each second, brands have a lot of data to target any customer they wish. Church Tech Today

mobile friendly sites

Consumers searching for information online are more likely to buy from brands with mobile-friendly websites. The convenience of mobile makes it quick and easy to find information and make purchases online. Think with Google

Google Plus 3.7 million active users

As the forgotten child of social networking, Google is still a powerful tool that can drive sales for your business. With over 375,000,000 active users, Google Plus reaches more consumers than any other social network without buying ads. Statistic Brain